Appointment Booking System

Sophisticated Appointment Booking System

Consular Administration Module

Preventing Appointment Trafficking

Provide Detailed Reports On Appointments & MIS

An appointment system is an essential tool to ensure a high level of customer service. Customers benefit from an appointment system as there is no extensive queuing, waiting on phone or risk of missing out on a daily quota, they simply turn up safe in the knowledge that they will be seen as scheduled.

PersiaTech enables the secure real-time management of all types of bookings for government organisations, large enterprise, small and medium-sized businesses at any volume, for any number of users and locations.

As channel-shifting customers seek better ways to engage with public services, PersiaTech is enabling government agencies at all levels to improve the way they deliver services while achieving significant savings.

Having successfully scheduled over 50 thousands appointments for 2 Italian and Greek Embassies in Iran, since 2015, PersiaTech offers the following services pertaining to Appointment Scheduling:

  • Consular administration module
  • Applicant interface view
  • Single database for each country appointment system
  • Mechanism to schedule emergency appointment slots
  • One-to-one match of applicant to appointment
  • Provide detailed reports on appointments
  • Provide other Management Information System (MIS) data
  • Proven ability to prevent group appointments
  • Visa shopping successfully disallowed

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