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Maintenance, Back-ups, Tailbacks – Database Management is complex, resource-consuming, and requires expertise that must be constantly updated and it’s critical to your success as a business. Our Database Administrators can assist with building and maintaining an effective, usable database environment to support your needs. Typical support includes Data Modeling; Database Design; Normalization Testing; Data/Application Migration; SQL Tuning and End User/Application Developer Support. Let PersiaTech do it for you – we can even provide high performance hosted Database solutions for your business. We’ll take care of your database management requirements so you can dedicate your resources to keeping your business on track.

From designing the suitable foundational system architecture to maintaining trustworthy connectivity management, PersiaTech’s expert Database Administrators will remove the workload and worry of maintaining your database in optimum performance condition.

Database Set Up: We’ll configure and optimize your database system for your needs, or analyse and create a best-practice plan for your current database, including constructing appropriate storage facility structure, then we’ll perform the correct installation and configuration of essential software, help with database migrations, if required, and prepare for future storage needs and upgrades.

Database Maintenance & Management: PersiaTech’s Database Management Services include full system maintenance and management performed by our certified Database Administrators. We’ll help transfer your data to your new system and install software patches, and we offer a data storage system designed for optimum access and budget efficiency.

Database Support: Relax, rely on us for responsive support that you can call on 24x7 and know that you’ll get fast and effective help.

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